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There were Greyspell-aliens in my very extended dreams yesterday/last night.

No, seriously. One of the antagonist races was a group of parasitic aliens who had clouds of (unseen by most humans) psychic "eyes" that followed them about and could be sent here and there to spy. (An interesting turning point in said dreams involved one of these aliens running seriously afoul of airport security by giving a series of Really Bad Answers to the usual gamut of anti-terrorist questions. And then said alien killed the airport security person, stole their clothes, and tried to fake out the rest of airport security. It did not work out so well for the alien, which was fortunate for the protagonists.)

It was a pretty awesome series of dreams, though.


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Date: 2009-08-25 12:29 pm (UTC)
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... :D!

Greyspell says that this is why Eyes should not be trusted to amateurs.

Man your dreams are rad, I barely ever remember mine unless they're nightmares. I think last night I was playing Street Fighter with someone who looked like Seth Green but wasn't and then turned out to be my cousin Taylor, who doesn't even look like Seth Green, and also there was someone with a sketchpad who kept taking my controller and I yelled at her about it and she said "Whatever, you're not even supposed to be here", and I felt ridiculously spurned. But then there was anthill cock fighting. ... I don't even know.


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