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So, on the writing agenda before I forget and so I can sleep:

--"Molting Season" -- already about half-written; post I, Alone in my novelverse. I know where I'm going with this, I just need to force myself to finish the piece, much like many authors.

--A Child's Book of Names -- okay, I cannot continue to shamefully neglect my poor novel. Must also work on this, as I'm sure I will be on the plane to Hawaii on Saturday. (Especially since I've already got the two sequels [Mother's Milk, Father's Blood and I, Alone] half-plotted, and I'm already writing a postscript to one of them!)

--"Assemblage" -- thirty or so Xenosaga or other fandom drabbles based on A23's obras completas. Hooray! I'm not sure whether to start with Storm and assign the songs individually to characters (esp. since I'm thinking of switching Ziggy over to "Human" and giving Albedo "Let the Wind Erase Me"; "Regret" is for Jr., "30KFT" is Cherenkov, "Skin" is Shion, "Apart" is Gaignun/Yuriev, "Complacent" is Margulis, "Infinite" is Wilhelm, "Ground" is chaos, "You Haven't Earned It" is...I dunno; I think I'd given it to Albedo originally, but it doesn't quite fit him. I mean, it does, and yet it doesn't really.), or just do it alphabetically, beginning with (I think) "Anthem" and working down the list. Man, I need to get Addendum and Contempt so I can finish filling out my collection! (And the Disappoint single. Can't forget that.)

--"Waiting for the Sky to Fall" -- well, first, I need to get another copy of "Somewhere Out There" (the Our Lady Peace song, not the one from American Tale) from [ profile] big_daddy_shaun, and then the adventures with lunatic!Jr. can begin in earnest! The super-short summary is that it's post XS!EpII, wherein Junior is stable for approximately two days after the ending sequence, then gradually goes insane and starts looking for his missing little brother.

--"How Mistakes Are Made" -- tentative title, but this is the loose story I've sketched up around some of [ profile] limyaael's complaining about demons in fantasy stories not being realistic enough (or whatever). Introduces the narrator Silke, explains loosely the College of Cantors and the role demon summoning plays in the (need a name for a Germanic/Easter European society here!) culture, sees Silke get horribly mauled by a series of stupid mistakes prior to her final exam, film at eleven.

--"Commencement" -- I want to revise this into a longer and publishable form -- it's at something like four thousand words right now. (Correction: 3350. Word's Master Document [i.e., how it will look published] format says this is sixteen pages, so maybe it's long enough to submit to something like Writers of the Future. The ending, however, seems far too abrupt and really needs some serious expansion.)

--I also have the vague urge to write another long introspective Albedopiece like "Doubt" ended up being, and really get down into the meat and guts of the character. Mwr. If circumstances continue to conspire against my RP moxy, I will damn well find SOME way to express him.

I think this is all that's currently on my plate, discounting a possible commissioned (with fake money, haha) piece of writing for another Gaian, and the absent bits of Half-Life (vortigaunts 4 evar!) and Star Wars fanfiction I've been contemplating. More, I think, the latter than the former--rereading all my SW novels (and I have a lot!) is getting me back into my squeaky Jedi fangirlism.

I also deny the existence of the New Jedi Order series. Actively. WHY, JAPAN

Aaaaaand I need to read back entries on this journal and see if there are any neglected ideas I can stir up into fruition from there. But I think at this point I've got enough to work on.

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